The Best Books

Among the best books in recent memory are the thrillers by Robert Ludlum, including his blockbuster, The Bourne Trilogy.  It is interesting to note that this series uses human identity as its main dramatic device for achieving best selling book status. 

A new novel concerned with identity has been published recently by Bascom Hill entitled Smoke.  Utilizing the powerful theme of human identity so often successful in best books, Jeremy Chester has written a 478 page novel in which the protagonist, code named Smoke by the US Justice Department, struggles not only with learning his real identity, but defending himself from sworn enemies who know him as one of them, an identity meant to be erased by the Justice Department utilizing the Witness Protection Program.

The best books in the thriller and suspense genre have several things in common:  the protagonist begins the adventure in serious trouble, the plot allows incremental dramatic escalation as more information becomes available, the characters are realistic enough to capture and hold the sympathy, or disgust, of the reader, and the climax resolves all loose ends.  Smoke provides this and more.  The protagonist, a veteran marine recon platoon sergeant from Viet Nam will have, by the end of this potentially best selling book, not only to deal with his anonymous antagonist, but also with his own identity.

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