Miami Vice

Miami is a fascinating city.  It is the city of the new novel Smoke, written by Jeremy Chester, a Miami native of 40 years and a participant in the industrial growth of an amazing place.  But the use of the moniker Miami vice is a misnomer for those living and working in Miami. 

Unfortunately, it has become iconic as a phrase used when discussing the fascinating community of Miami-Dade County Florida.  This gorgeous Latin flavored destination resort has a checkered history with respect to vice.  In fact, the young city, only 73 years old during in the period of this book, certainly compares favorably to a number of other American cities, and so ‘Miami vice’ is undeserved.  It was the title of the popular television program Miami Vice that stuck.

A better two word summary for this vibrant city would be ‘Miami excite’.

An international city, loaded with glamour, architecture, fascinating people, winter weather so beautiful it is competitive to any on the planet, and beaches, beaches, and more beaches.  The city is literally hooked on excitement.

This is the venue of this novel.  A security company is founded and grows dynamically along with the Miami in the 70s, and problems develop as the founder’s health fails.  Two years prior, his sister, finding her husband with a lover, murders them both.  The company begins to fail, and two extraordinary men are introduced to attempt a turnaround.

One, a former deputy director of the FBI, and a long time friend of the dying principal owner of the security company, is drawn in by his fading friend, to rescue the company.  The other is the protagonist of the novel, Jim Smyth.

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