Paramilitary and mercenaries in the novel Smoke

The novel Smoke by Jeremy Chester, while written for the suspense genre, is closely focused on both paramilitary and mercenaries.  The timeframe is the early 1970s, when, coming out of Viet Nam and the Nixon era, much of Latin America still controlled by right wing extremists, and with lingering memories of violent domestic disturbance, many in the United States and throughout Latin America were drawn into the violent fringe that employed the paramilitary and mercenaries.

The protagonist in the novel is a veteran of Viet Nam, a former marine recon platoon sergeant, and against his will he becomes involved with a large security company that has slipped into the business of training and fielding mercenaries from a small program of training chauffeurs and bodyguards.  As the plot develops the action moves to Central America into a country suffering a savage competition between left and right wing paramilitary organizations, with the mercenaries trained by the company supporting the right wing government.  Mr. Chester takes some artistic license, amalgamating the goings on in both Nicaragua and Guatemala among the paramilitary and mercenaries in both of those countries into a country left unnamed in the novel.

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