Suspense and mystery books

Suspense and mystery books make up a substantial percentage of the fiction market, and for good reason.  It is suspense and mystery that make life interesting, and though it would be a terrible mistake to experience all ones suspense and mystery from suspense and mystery books, there are such books in this genre that are worth reading.  One of these is Smoke by Jeremy Chester.

Smoke is the Department of Justice code name for Jim Smyth, a ward of the Federal Witness Protection Program during the early 1970s.  The action begins when this carefully hidden man receives an anonymous letter saying simply, I know who you are.

Suspense and mystery books are best when the mystery is tantalizing and the suspense mounts as the pages turn.  If this observation is correct, then this is the best of the genre.

Jim is a foster child, with no knowledge of his biological parents.  His foster parents burned to death under suspicious circumstances, and all records of his placement with the foster family have mysteriously disappeared from the municipal records.

So, the story begins with the anonymous letter.  Someone claims to know who he is.  Naturally, being a former marine reconnaissance platoon sergeant well trained in clandestine warfare, his immediate reaction to the anonymous letter is to assume the witness protection program has failed him, and he needs to find out what the authorities will do for him.  To his dismay, they do not even know of his loss of cover, so he decides to go underground.

The action escalates exponentially as the reader discovers that the mysterious letter is only the first of a series, with the ultimate intent to coerce him into kidnapping the president of a security company, and hold him for ransom, presumably to be paid to his anonymous antagonist.

Clues begin to emerge, shedding some light on both the identity of his antagonist, and, later, his own identity.  The two mysteries bring the saga to a crescendo as the protagonist and the antagonist finally collide, the collision yielding….

That would spoil the read. 

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