The perfect crime

Smoke, a new novel by Jeremy Chester, incorporates what comes very close to, if not actually being, the perfect crime.  In this 478 page mystery the antagonist manages to manipulate some very experienced people with violent backgrounds – anonymously.  Thus three competent individuals, who are under protection of the Federal Government within the Witness Protection Program agree under duress (threatened exposure) to commit the perfect crime.

The goal of the anonymous antagonist is to raise money by kidnapping the CEO of a company specializing security and protection, and do it without the people being manipulated ever finding out whom it is they are working for.  Smoke is the Justice Department code name of one of the three agreeing to proceed with the perfect crime, and the protagonist of the new novel by Jeremy Chester.

The sudden realization that the anonymous antagonist may have actually engineered the crime is first articulated by Jim O’Leary, another of the three people suffering from this brilliant manipulation, when he realizes the possibility that the security company may not be willing to even report the disappearance of their CEO out of sheer embarrassment.

As he says to the others, “The perfect crime is the one the victim won’t report and the soldier can’t explain. Can’t you see? This is f***ing perfect!

Whether it succeeds or not, and whether the three ‘soldiers’ live to tell the story is what keeps the reader involved from beginning to end of this tightly plotted, spectacularly exciting new novel by Jeremy Chester.

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